Tuesday, May 29, 2007

52 Pick Up...

Now that DC Comics' 52 maxi-series has ended, my weekly Daily Planet articles for the 52 website have also come to close. Since I started writing the articles midway through the series, I thought I'd catalog all the articles I authored in one entry, to make it easier for the folks who missed them the first time around and still want to stay on my good side. I can't blame them. There are lollypops involved.

So here they are, in nonrandom order:

Infinity Inc. Foils Daring Halloween Heist
The Turkey Man Speaks
Madness at the Metropolis Mall
Drunken Magic Show Frightens Tourists
American Titan?
Dear Santa...
The Eve of Destruction - Part One
The Eve of Destruction - Part Two
Man on the Street
Teenager Arrested for Theft, Secedes from Country
Crazy Weather Confounds Citizens
Tourist Troubles in Kahndaq
The Fall of an Empire?
Your Valentine Horoscope
Fireside Reading
Remembering the Dibnys
Moments of Silence
In Pursuit of Death
Luthor in Lock Up
Ask Prof. Expert!
Man on the Street 2
Where are they now?
Doom Comes to Pisa
City Honors Fallen Hero
Interoffice Emails

So those are all the ones I wrote. Feel free to browse the others as well, but honestly, shouldn't you be getting back to work by now?

Friday, May 4, 2007

Final 52...

So DC Comics went and created this giant moth, who promptly ate the universe. Don't believe me? Well I don't blame you. But Click here anyway for my final article for the 52 website.

And try to hold back the waterworks, huh? You're only making a fool of yourself.