Monday, December 17, 2007

Sweet learning action...

Here's the cover for my new DK project coming out next month. It's a children's reader titled Marvel Heroes: Greatest Battles and covers most of the major fights of Marveldom, from the Richards' wedding all the way to the Civil War. Be sure to preorder it if you're a Marvel fan, or hoping to ruin some young, impressionable child's life by making him one.

See more info here.

And also, check out the Comics in the Classroom website for a quick review of my newest Batman Strikes issue. Thanks to John Norris for his continued support.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Riddler Strikes...

Be sure to head to your local comic store this week for The Batman Strikes! # 40. Here's what DC Comics has to say about it:

Written by Matthew K. Manning; Art by Adam Archer; Cover by Christopher Jones and Terry Beatty

The Riddler's on the rampage, trying to prove himself as the cleverest person in all of Gotham City! Can Batman outwit the Master of Riddles before Gotham burns?

Hey, DC Comics asked you a question. I'd answer him if I were you. Or, you know, just go buy the issue.