Monday, December 19, 2011

Batman Files reviews...

It seems while I’ve been locked away in my office finishing up the first draft of my newest book (more details on that one soon), The Batman Files has been getting a good amount of coverage in the press. So if you haven’t checked out the book yet, or are an extremely late holiday shopper, here’s a chance to see what folks are saying about it:

Entertainment Weekly:

“Who knew the Dark Knight was so into scrapbooking? This book imagines clippings, character bios, and vehicle specs as collected by Bruce Wayne.”

People Magazine:

"It will make any comic book enthusiast in your home, little or otherwise, positively batty."

Comic Buyers' Guide:

"Batman's journals, as he learns his craft and experiments with what will strike terror into the hearts of criminals, are especially well-written, and readers can almost hear the rasping voice as Wayne records his findings."

"This is the ultimate gift item for the inveterate Batman fan."

Comicvine (check out their great video review, too):

"This is a book you'll want to keep out on display. It's a book you can proudly show to friends and family that might not be into comics as much as you are... The book is definitely worth the price."

"It's impossible to make reference to all of the smaller easter eggs that this book provides (a personal favorite is a newspaper clipping written by one Alexander Knox), but that's part of the fun."

"The truly spectacular Batman Files coffee-table giant qualifies as the ultimate treasure trove of this incomparable superhero."

The Los Angeles Times:

"A vivid assortment of "files" on everything in Bruce Wayne's world."

"Matthew Manning has crafted this masterpiece by going through exhaustive research... Very insightful, informative and fun to read, with literally hundreds of pictures to flesh [out] the mythos even further."

"It comes in a padded case and it contains lots of cool stuff like the "top secret blueprints of the Batcave, Batmobiles, Batman uniforms, and weapons schematics..."

"Comic book fans will be able to sort through the massive amount of items to do their own sleuthing into the life of the famed hero."

"The newly released The Batman Files by Matthew Manning presents documents about Batman in a slick hardcover binder made to make collectors drool."

"Matthew K. Manning's The Batman Files is a must-have, essential book for the Batman fan... There are truly hours of reading and entertainment here."

"Fellow Batman fans, we hope you have a spare change of pants."

And while Men's Fitness got a few of their facts wrong (our book details Batman's entire career, not merely the first 50 issues of his comic...), here are their thoughts on an excerpt from Bruce Wayne's training schedule that we created for the book:

And since you're already looking at way too many links in the first place, here's a couple interviews I did for the book:

Thanks for reading, everyone, and have a safe and happy holiday season.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New York Comic Con 2011...

The New York Comic Con is coming to Manhattan's Javits Center this weekend (October 13th-16th). And to celebrate my new book The Batman Files from Andrews McMeel Publishing, the good folks at Midtown Comics will be offering it over a week before it hits retail shelves. I'll be signing copies of the massive 308-page life story of the Batman on Saturday, October 15th, at Midtown's booth (# 1638) at 11:30 a.m. The book will be released nationwide on October 25th.

If you haven't heard much about The Batman Files, you can find out more info on the book's official website here.

And if you can't make the New York show but live around the Connecticut/Rhode Island area, stop by Bank Square Books in Mystic, Connecticut for another signing of The Batman Files. The store will have many of my other past books in stock as well, and there will even be a super hero costume contest for the kids. The festivities get underway on October 29th at 3:00 p.m.

And finally, here's an early video review of the book from Comicvine to tide you over until the shows.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Batman Files sneak peak...

My newest book, The Batman Files, now has a fancy-pants website to call its own. Check it out and read some sample pages of the book for free:

We're also planning a panel discussion and a signing or two to celebrate the book's release this October during the New York Comic Con. I'll be sure to post more details when everything's confirmed.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What I've been doing this year...

Since I haven't been active on this blog lately, it looks like it's time for a massive update post.

First up is my newest book from Marvel Comics, The Art of Captain America - The First Avenger. If you browsed through our Art of Thor book that was released a few months ago, then you'll know the type of format this new hardcover sports. Just like Thor, this book features an embossed cover, slipcase, and tons of behind-the-scenes artwork and photos from the making of the Marvel movie. Designed by Mike Zagari, the book weighs in at 240 pages, and is a great addition to any comic book or movie fan's library.

But what if you didn't get any of the other books in this series? I'm glad you asked. That was a very convenient question. Seriously, I probably would've volunteered that information if you hadn't wanted to know it, so this works out for everyone. As it turns out, Marvel is releasing a newly packaged and slipcased 4-pack of these great hardcovers. Besides the two books I wrote (Thor and Cap), this handy set includes both The Art of Iron Man as well as The Art of Iron Man II. Retailing at $150 (or around $95 on Amazon), Art of Marvel Studios also features the writing of John Rhett Thomas and John Barber. This one's not out until September 28th, so you have time to save up. And if you insist, I'll post a reminder when we get closer. Okay, I'll probably do that anyway.

In other news, I've been working on several assignments for Disney's comic division. One of those projects was the main story to an anthology comic tie-in to the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. The book has been finished, but for one legal reason or another, it's currently on hold. We're still pushing for a release date down the line, but as of now, there's nothing to report.

It's a little early to talk about my five other Disney projects, but I will say that they're all Marvel related. I'll be sure to post more on them when they've been officially announced. I also recently finished up a teen fiction novel for Stone Arch books revolving around a famous sports icon. More on that as it develops...

And while we're on the subject of things I can't really talk about yet, I've been assured my super secret DC Comics mini series is still in the works. All six scripts for this creator-owned series have been finished, and now we're in the process of finding the perfect artist, as we had a bit of a misstep early on. This little series is my favorite story to date, so I'll continue to update its progress when there's any news.

And now, on to something I can talk about: The Batman Files.

Finally, my reading obsession since the 5th grade pays off. The Batman Files is a massive 308-page hardcover, chock-full of artwork both taken from existing comics, and commissioned directly for this book. Designed by Michael Reagan from Lionheart Books and published by Andrews McMeel (the folks behind The Complete Calvin and Hobbes and The Complete Far Side), this book takes the form of Batman's personal scrapbook. Containing clipped Gotham City newspaper articles, police reports, Bat-Computer Crime Files, crime scene photos, blueprints and excerpts from Batman's design sketchbook, and even journal entries written by Batman himself, this book is topped with a high-tech leather-like material cover, a magnetic metal clasp, and black gilded pages. Available for pre-order on Amazon now, this book tells the entire life story of the Batman, from his childhood and years of training abroad to his newest missions and the creation of Batman Inc. The Batman Files has taken up the bulk of my writing time this year, and I think it's been completely worth it. Look for it in stores in October.

These days I'm working on a new book featuring a certain infamous wall-crawler. Too soon to talk about this one, but I will say that it's in the same series as two of my previous books...

So that's what I've been working on this year, and a good argument as to why I should update this blog more often than I do. In a few days I'll be heading to San Diego, so I might see you if you're lurking around Comic Con. I'll be the guy constantly looking at the sky and scenery, amazed that there is an actual world outside my office.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bringing the Thunder....

This week marks the release of Marvel's new film Thor, and to help you get excited, why not stop by your local book or comic store and pick up my latest book, The Art of Thor?

Full of incredible behind-the-scene artwork showcasing the Thunder God in all his glory, interviews with the cast and crew, and the design work of my old friend Mike Zagari, this book is a must-have for any fan of Thor, or of Marvel movies in general.

Complete with an engraved slipcase, this new hardcover weighs in at 240 pages of pure Norse goodness, and comes direct from the good folks at Marvel themselves.

And if you like this one, be sure to keep an eye out come July when we release the next in the series, starring a certain patriotic Avenger...

...more news on that one soon.

Friday, March 4, 2011


It's official, the family and I have packed up our Park Slope, Brooklyn apartment and moved to the literally greener pastures of Mystic, Connecticut. In between unpacking in the new place, taking my turn at watching the little girl, and writing a hefty new project for DC, I took a break this Wednesday and headed to my new neighborhood's comic book shop, Sarge's in New London.

As I was buying my regular weekly books, I found a nice little surprise waiting for me on the shelf. DC's newest Batman hardcover collection, entitled Time and the Batman, features a reprint of the four page Batcave schematic that I wrote for Batman issue # 700. So if you missed the feature the first time around (or the second time, in the reprint edition), be sure to snag a copy of this great book. It reprints Batman #s 700-703, featuring the always stellar writing of Grant Morrison. And if you're the type that just likes to gaze at pretty pictures, well then you're in luck as well. The book spotlights artwork by Frank Quitely, Tony Daniel, David Finch, Andy Kubert, as well as a host of other talented artists including my partner in crime on the Batcave spreads, Freddie E. Williams II.

And keeping checking back here for news on my newest Batman project which I'm not really supposed to talk about yet. In fact, forget I said anything...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Running Backwards...

I'm a little behind on my posting due to the fact that my wife and I are busy packing up for our big move to Mystic, Connecticut at the end of this month. After nearly 14 years in New York City and Brooklyn, I'm finally heading out to the suburbs to give our little daughter a bit more room to stretch her admittedly small legs.

And since I'm currently writing a few books including the previously mentioned Art of Thor and Art of Captain America: The First Avenger, as well as another secret project for the Distinguished Competition, I've neglected to post here about a new release of mine available on

The book is my fourth contribution to Stone Arch Book's DC Kids' readers line. It stars everyone's favorite super-speedster, the Flash, and his evil and opposite number, the aptly named Reverse-Flash. The book is titled The Flash: Attack of Professor Zoom, and features artwork by Erik Doescher and Mike DeCarlo, as well as coloring by Lee Loughridge. You can order the hardback library edition here,or order the soft cover version here.

There'll be more new projects announced on this page soon, so keep checking back whenever your boss is looking the other way.