Monday, December 19, 2011

Batman Files reviews...

It seems while I’ve been locked away in my office finishing up the first draft of my newest book (more details on that one soon), The Batman Files has been getting a good amount of coverage in the press. So if you haven’t checked out the book yet, or are an extremely late holiday shopper, here’s a chance to see what folks are saying about it:

Entertainment Weekly:

“Who knew the Dark Knight was so into scrapbooking? This book imagines clippings, character bios, and vehicle specs as collected by Bruce Wayne.”

People Magazine:

"It will make any comic book enthusiast in your home, little or otherwise, positively batty."

Comic Buyers' Guide:

"Batman's journals, as he learns his craft and experiments with what will strike terror into the hearts of criminals, are especially well-written, and readers can almost hear the rasping voice as Wayne records his findings."

"This is the ultimate gift item for the inveterate Batman fan."

Comicvine (check out their great video review, too):

"This is a book you'll want to keep out on display. It's a book you can proudly show to friends and family that might not be into comics as much as you are... The book is definitely worth the price."

"It's impossible to make reference to all of the smaller easter eggs that this book provides (a personal favorite is a newspaper clipping written by one Alexander Knox), but that's part of the fun."

"The truly spectacular Batman Files coffee-table giant qualifies as the ultimate treasure trove of this incomparable superhero."

The Los Angeles Times:

"A vivid assortment of "files" on everything in Bruce Wayne's world."

"Matthew Manning has crafted this masterpiece by going through exhaustive research... Very insightful, informative and fun to read, with literally hundreds of pictures to flesh [out] the mythos even further."

"It comes in a padded case and it contains lots of cool stuff like the "top secret blueprints of the Batcave, Batmobiles, Batman uniforms, and weapons schematics..."

"Comic book fans will be able to sort through the massive amount of items to do their own sleuthing into the life of the famed hero."

"The newly released The Batman Files by Matthew Manning presents documents about Batman in a slick hardcover binder made to make collectors drool."

"Matthew K. Manning's The Batman Files is a must-have, essential book for the Batman fan... There are truly hours of reading and entertainment here."

"Fellow Batman fans, we hope you have a spare change of pants."

And while Men's Fitness got a few of their facts wrong (our book details Batman's entire career, not merely the first 50 issues of his comic...), here are their thoughts on an excerpt from Bruce Wayne's training schedule that we created for the book:

And since you're already looking at way too many links in the first place, here's a couple interviews I did for the book:

Thanks for reading, everyone, and have a safe and happy holiday season.